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Ellie the Wienerdog Celebrating Techies Day-STEM

Ellie the Wienerdog Celebrating Techies Day/STEM

Today is National Techies Day – a holiday that represents all the collective effort technology professionals have put in over the years in encouraging students to learn more about a career in technology. STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering & Math, represents the educational path that need to be taken to become a working professional in any technological industries. Someone very wise once said, “If learning is an act of exploration, then technology equips the explorer for the journey of a lifetime.” Please join us and Ellie the Wienerdog celebrating Techies Day-STEM.

Why is STEM important?

Jobs related to STEM are increasing every year at a much greater growth percentage then other more traditional careers. However, there still aren’t enough workers to satisfy the burgeoning needs of STEM positions. Meanwhile, technology has infused almost every aspect of our life today – whether it be self-driving cars or an app for just about everything under the sun. The average person has at least 5 different devices that connect to the Internet and more devices are being introduced and sold every year. Clearly the need for more technology workers is present and growing ever larger.

Who can benefit from learning STEM?

Everyone can benefit from learning about and practicing STEM concepts. Though STEM has traditionally been a male dominated industry, both boys and girls should be given the opportunity to embrace math and science classes and encouraged to seek out technological concepts at every step of their education. Luckily, we already have great organizations like Girl Start counteracting gender bias in the classroom by providing programs encouraging more girls to embrace STEM concepts and programs like SeaPerch who are introducing STEM to all children via grant based robotics programs. However, we still need more initiatives like these and a greater focus in general on all things educational. We all benefit from anyone gaining a greater understanding of STEM.

How can you celebrate Techies Day/STEM?

You can search for STEM programs to join for your kids and/or yourself like the ones we listed above or by going to these links: NASA Teach; Legends of Learning; and iDTech.

You can also donate your time and money to STEM based organizations and initiatives in your area or beyond. And you can also encourage your area’s legislators to embrace better educational resources for students. Most of all, if you are a STEM worker, consider becoming a mentor – there are so many children eager to learn.

Thank you for joining us and Ellie in celebrating Techies Day-STEM! Feel free to share your experiences and images on our Facebook, tweet it to @EllieWienerdog or tag us on your Instagram post using @elliewienerdog. Be sure to check out all our fun activities that focus on fostering a love of all things educational.

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