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Did You Know: Ellie the Wienerdog Fire Safety Tips!

Did You Know that your beloved fuzz balls can sometimes cause an accidental fire? Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day and a good time to review some helpful safety tips for fire prevention around your pets. Here are Ellie the Wienerdog’s Fire Safety tips.


1.) Beware of Candles: Cats or dogs can easily knock over an open flame candle with their tails. Purchase flameless candles that use a bulb for illumination instead of a flame. We are partial to these pet-safe candles:

2.) Pet Alert Cling: In the event of a fire, timing can mean everything when it comes to saving you or your pet’s lives. Purchasing a Pet Alert Window Cling to stick to your window will allow rescuers to know how many pets are in the household and what kind of pets to rescue. In addition, you should position your pet enclosures near points of entry to your house, to make it easier for first responders to find them.

3.) Avoid Open Flames Entirely: Like candles above, stove tops or fireplaces can spell disaster when combined with curious or reckless pet antics. Be sure to never leave your fur babies around open flames unattended. Further, it pays to invest in some stove knob covers to keep your pets from accidentally turning the stove on.

4.) Beware Unattended Glass Bowls: Glass water bowls on an outside wooden deck can become very hot from the sun’s rays and catch the wood on fire. Stainless steel, ceramic or plastic bowls are a much better choice for your pet’s food or water. We think the below one is adorable!

Of course, we hope that you will never have any cause to need any of these precautions, but it is always best to be prepared. As Ellie the Wienerdog says, “Stay Safe!”

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