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Ellie the Wienerdog Shares Back to School Classroom Themes

Back to School is a time of joy for a lot of children, parents and educators. Whether a child is being taught at home or at a public or private school, they still can benefit from well thought out school classroom themes. Ellie the Wienerdog has a lot of fans and she recently had the pleasure of receiving fan mail from a teacher who uses Ellie as inspiration for her classroom activities and overall theme.

Elizabeth Fritz, a first-grade teacher (and mom to two dachshund pups) from the Bethel School District in Spanaway, Washington, USA shared how her class use Ellie, her mom, author K.J. Hales, and the book “It’s Hard to be Good,” as motivation during creative writing time to encourage kids to write about something they know or something important to them. Ms. Fritz tells author K.J.Hales “We use your book as a perfect example of someone who wrote about what is important to her!”

Ellie the Wienerdog Shares Back to School Classroom Themes

Ms. Fritz’s classroom theme, which revolves around dogs and espouses many “educational” fun phrases such as “Who Let the Dogs Out?,” is definitely Ellie the Wienerdog “paw-approved.” You can see a gallery of some adorable creative writing entries that Ms. Fritz’s students have done at the end of this article.

Dogs are just one example of fun school classroom themes. There are many more to try!

One of Ellie the Wienerdog’s other favorite classroom themes is books. Books are a timeless and fascinating topic and a perfect subject for a school theme. Students and educators can decorate the classroom with fun things like this adorable Dr. Seuss: “Oh the Places You Can Go banner or a board to list each student’s favorite book. Ellie’s favorite is of course, “It’s Hard to be Good”. Fun first day activities could include creating bookmarks for each student to use the rest of the year.

Ellie the Wienerdog and Open Door Press love empowering students, parents and educators throughout the year so that’s why they continue to created educational resources like the “It’s Hard to be Good” Teacher’s Guide found here along with numerous Downloadable Learning Games, Activities and Coloring Pages.  Keep an eye on Ellie’s Blog page for new and exciting resources as they are released.

We love seeing what our students are up to so please share your artwork or fun school classroom theme with us on our Facebook page, tweet it to @EllieWienerdog or tag us on your Instagram post using @elliewienerdog. You may even win some great Ellie swag like bookmarks, magnets or stickers.



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