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Ellie the Wienerdog’s Favorites of Fall List

The first official day of Fall is only seventeen days away. Although we are sad to bid Summer goodbye, we are super excited to welcome Fall back. There are so many fun things to experience in this cooler season! Please read along as we share Ellie the Wienerdog’s Favorites of Fall List.

Pumpkins: Orange is totally Ellie the Wienerdog’s color but even if it wasn’t, Fall wouldn’t be the same without this yummy Fall fruit. Pumpkin spiced anything tastes delicious and jack ‘o’ lanterns play a major part of one of our favorite holidays!

Halloween: Do you scare easily? Ellie the Wienerdog doesn’t and she LOVES to dress up. Halloween parties and trick or treating are the hallmark of Autumn festivities. We can’t wait to see what everyone is dressed up as this year!

Cooler weather: In most parts of the world, Fall brings a blessed wave of cooler temperatures which is nice for a change at the very least. This provides a wonderful opportunity to rock some cute sweaters, warm socks and boots. Personally, Ellie the Wienerdog is partial to this adorable Halloween themed pet sweater.

Corn Mazes/Hay Rides: Fall is only time of year that you can experience the fun that is getting lost and then finding your way out of a giant maze made of tall corn stalks. Even better is climbing up and being hauled around in a horse drawn cart filled with hay bales.

Thanksgiving: Family, Football and a table full of SO MUCH FOOD. What’s not to love?

Leaves: Ellie loves to romp and play in the changing fall leaves. The colors of the leaves as they fall to the ground are so beautiful. Fall leaves make great arts & craft projects. Not to mention, nothing is more fun than making a big pile of crunchy leaves and jumping right into it.

Ellie the Wienerdog’s Favorites of Fall List has quite a few items but there are plenty of other wonderful things to enjoy about this season. What are your favorite things about Fall? Also, be sure to check out the fun Fall Coloring Page for your kids (or yourself) to enjoy. Feel free to share your colored artwork on our Facebook, tweet it to @EllieWienerdog or tag us on your Instagram post using @elliewienerdog. Share for a chance to win some cool Ellie bling like bookmarks, magnets or stickers.

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