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Ellie the Wienerdog Celebrates Parents as Teachers Day

Parents as Teachers Day is a holiday that has been observed since 2001 but the concept began when educators in the state of Missouri noticed that kindergarten students were showing up to class with diverse levels of learning aptitude. Children whose parents spent more time preparing for the upcoming year showed better learning capabilities once attending school. Further research showed that parents input into their kid’s early education could be vital to how fast and thorough a child developed their educational skills Further, parents could serve as an early warning detection for those who suffer from developmental delays.

The National Parents as Teachers organization is now in all fifty states and six other countries. They focus on promoting the optimal early development, learning and health of young children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.

Here at Open Door Press, we fully support the “parent as teacher” lifestyle and have a lot of admiration for all our homeschooled fans. As such we hope that the learning tools we provide here through the Teacher’s Guide and our assortment of Educational Activities will empower parents as teachers and serve to foster an appreciation for learning all lifelong.

How to Celebrate Parents as Teachers Day:

  • Talk to your child about the significance of today’s history.
  • Get your child involved in your educational process: If they are old enough, show them your schedule, the way you plan their educational journey, the tools you use to educate.
  • Read a book to your child: Books are vitally important to a child’s development, valuable not for early literacy development but also as an endless font of vocabulary and information.
  • Take your students to an immersive educational field trip like to a museum or to a park.
  • Use #ParentsAsTeachersDay to post on social media about your experiences.

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