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Ellie the Wienerdog’s Summer of Love Recap

With Back to School shenanigans just around the corner, this seems like the perfect time to share some great memories that have made Ellie the Wienerdog’s Summer of Love so special.

Festival of Whales Street Fair and Parade Whales and Tails Wagathon: This event, held in Dana Point, CA., every year in April is a joyful street fair presented by the Pet Project Foundation.  This event is held to raise donations for a home and proper care for lost or abandoned pets. Ellie had a blast watching all the floats (including one of a big, red dog that is a bit of a celebrity), meeting Ellie fans and enjoying yummy dog treats. It was a blast!

Temecula Wine Country Wienerfest: We couldn’t resist the Temecula Wine Country Wiener Fest held at Mount Palomar Winery on April 9th. So many vendors and so much fun watching the Wienerdog races. Best of all, the events supports local Wienerdog rescue groups. Ellie says, “Such a pawsome cause.”

Litfare Children’s Book Week KickoffOn April 30th, Ellie was privileged to attend the Litfare Children’s Book Week Kickoff, which is a Family Friendly Festival located in Temecula, Ca. that brings the joy and excitement of reading, books, comics, graphic novels and the art of sketching & illustrating all together in one place. Check out our fun pics!

“It’s Hard to Swim” book launch: The 2nd book in Life’s Little Lessons, “It’s Hard to Swim” tells the tale of Ellie learning to swim and all the challenges she faces along the way. The book hit stores and our site on June 6th.

Ellie the Wienerdog Poolside with It's Hard to Swim Book

Ellie’s 12th birthday party: Ellie celebrated twelve years of living on July 5th (or 64 years in human time but who’s counting?) Fun was had by all and thanks to Jackboy Bakery, Ellie and her siblings had some delicious doggie-friendly cake to enjoy. We even got all the fun on video. Happy Birthday Ellie!


Come Fly with Me Summer Airport Promo: Ellie was thrilled to be selected to have her second book “It’s Hard to Swim” and her adorable plushie featured in five international airport store locations during July and August.  Did you happen to see her in San Francisco; Miami; Charlotte, NC.; Minneapolis, MN., or at JFK New York?  Better yet, did you actually “fly” with Ellie or bring her home with you?  Where in the World is Ellie?  Please share.

Well as you can see, Ellie the Wienerdog has been busy this Summer, enjoying herself in all sorts of ways. What about you? We want to hear from all of Ellie’s fans – please share with us on social media or here on the website with a comment the details of your fun Summer of Love adventures! Share on our Facebook, tweet it to @EllieWienerdog or tag us on your Instagram post using @elliewienerdog for some great swag such as Ellie bookmarks, magnets or stickers.

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