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The Dog Days of Summer are upon us and we are panting with displeasure. Inside or out, from the United States of America to Africa, there are canine companions of all sizes who just want to be cool and who could blame them? We’ve partnered with Ellie the Wienerdog to put together some nifty tips for staying cool for your precious pooches and highlighted some cool products we really like. Let’s dive in!

1.) Sub out some dry food for some wet food instead, to provide even more options for hydration.
2.) Lay out an ice pack or wet towel to lay on or wrap around your pet. We think this cooling dog coat is nifty!

3.) Purchase a kiddie pool and set it up outside for your pup to wade in at their leisure.

4.) Walk your doggo in either the early morning or late evening, when temps are at their lowest.

5.) Consider purchasing dog booties to protect their tenderonie toes from steaming hot pavement and other hot surfaces. We like these adorable ones:

6.) Bring along a collapsible water dish and water on all your sojourns, no matter what the length of the trip.

7.) Keep outside trips short and make sure there is plenty of water within reach always.

8.) Make sure there are plenty of shade outside for when your pup is hanging out, just as you would for yourself. We think this is a great idea:

9.) Consider adding ice cubes to your pup’s water or feeding them some delicious frozen dog treats – we have a great recipe here!
What if my pooch seems to be suffering from possible heatstroke?

  • First, check your fuzzy friend for the signs of heatstroke, which include:
  • Exhaustion or excessive reclining;
  • Excessive panting or breathing roughly;
  • Extreme drooling; and
  • Tremors, Shaking, or Swaying.

If you see these symptoms and suspect heatstroke, it is better to be safe then sorry. Bring your dog to a cooler area and contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. In the interim, you can wrap you dog in cold, wet towels, particularly their undercarriage (belly) and it can be helpful to also position a fan on your dog. Be careful not to cool your dog TOO much as doing so can put them into shock, which is very dangerous. It is best to check your pup’s temperature every five minutes and stop short of cooling past a temperature of 103 degrees. Allow your pup to drink water but don’t try to force them.

We hope you enjoyed Ellie’s Tips for Staying Cool and we hope that both you and your fuzzy friends stay cool in these elevated temperatures. If you learned something from our post, please feel free to share this on our Facebook, tweet it to @EllieWienerdog or tag us on your Instagram post using @elliewienerdog.

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