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Teaching Guide for It’s Hard to Swim

“What does it look like to be courageous?”

Let Ellie help your kids learn what it means to be courageous, to explore and experience life without fear of failure.  Children will build a sense of trust in their own intuition, over time learning to take notice of what feels right or wrong for them and gain the self-confidence to be brave even when fear and self-doubt are present.

This type of behavioral education, made playful, supportive and engaging, is a wonderful way to create connection in your classroom.

Examples of bravery are discussed and shared making them real and relevant.  Embracing mistakes is part of the learning process and everyone is encouraged to have fun along the way!

Ellie’s Teaching Guide, when combined with her book “It’s Hard to Swim” will bring a fun, week long, learning experience to help your kids understand “What it looks like to be courageous.”

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