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Ten Dangerous Thanksgiving Foods to Feed Your Dog

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and among all the holiday bustling, cooking and cleaning, it can be tempting to share some of the yummy goodness with your pup. Nothing can ruin the holiday cheer quite like an unexpected veterinarian visit. That’s why Ellie the Wienerdog thinks it is very helpful to share the top ten dangerous thanksgiving foods to feed your dog, so you can be properly prepared.

  1. Garlic & Onions: These savory herbs elevate any meal, but they can also land your pet in some hot water. Both can be toxic to dogs, causing elevated heart and breathing, lethargy and possibly death.
  2. Macadamia Nuts: These nuts are so toxic to canines that even a small amount can affect seizures or death.
  3. Sugar: Though certain items that contain natural sugar can be good for dogs in moderation, like pumpkin and sweet potatoes, most refined sugar is not good for animals. Short term effects can be indigestion and diarrhea while long term effects are weight gain, diabetes and tooth decay.
  4. Alcohol: A dog’s system deals with alcohol in the same manner as humans, but a small amount of alcohol can have a much greater effect due to the size difference. Therefore, alcohol can easily be a toxic load for a dog and should be avoided.
  5. Cooked Bones: All cooked bones pose a danger to dogs, but cooked poultry poses a particularly significant threat as they can splinter easily. This poses a severe risk of choking as well as digestive tract puncture.
  6. Chocolate: Most people know that dark chocolate can be fatal to dogs but even milk or white chocolate can cause extreme gastrointestinal distress. Steer clear.
  7. Raisins & Grapes: These two items though delicious, are very toxic to dogs. Symptoms include kidney damage.
  8. Meat Fat: Though one of the most popular snacks for dogs during holidays, meat trimmings in excess can cause obesity and pancreatitis.
  9. Dairy: Dogs who consume dairy can suffer from gastrointestinal distress, including diarrhea and gas. Even the smallest amount of dairy mixed into items like casseroles can cause these symptoms as many dogs cannot tolerate lactose, the primary ingredient in most dairy.
  10. Caffeine: Like alcohol, a small amount of caffeine in a dog can lead to a tragic outcome, as caffeine is dangerous in all animals in too large of an amount. It’s best to avoid.

We hope that you have an uneventful Thanksgiving holiday and that all household members are well fed and happy, human and dog alike. Ellie the Wienerdog wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving that is completely free of the Ten Dangerous Thanksgiving Foods to Feed Your Dog.

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